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What strength of braid do you need for Pike fishing?

Pike fish are popular and are notorious predators. They are also hard to catch. Thus this is why some anglers want to catch pike fish because it excites them.
You need to have a durable braided line to increase the chances of getting your dream pike fish.
So the question is, what strength of braid do you need for pike fishing? When fishing for pike, most anglers suggest a 30lb to 40lb.
A more robust line means it can carry more weight. It also prevents the pike from biting through the line.

Is the line strength necessary in Pike fishing?

Pike fish are so big and have sharp teeth. Pike fish can bite through almost all kinds of lines. They are also popular being hard fighters.
Line strength is also known as line-breaking strain. It means how much weight your line can carry before it breaks. If you want to target a bigger fish, then you will also need a higher breaking strain on the line where it must be.
The thickness of the line or line diameter is another factor affected by the strain of the fishing line. If it has a high breaker strain, it needs a thick line.
So, when picking a line with high breaking, it means having a solid and thick line that can carry the weight of the pike. It must not be damaged when they use their sharp teeth.
How to choose the right line for Pike fishing?
Choosing your line varies depending on your preference. And what to visualize in getting out of each type.

To help you understand better, we created this quick comparison guide between different types of lines:

Different Types of Fishing Lines Infographic
When it comes to pike fishing, both braid and mono lines are the most common pick. But, fluorocarbon serves as a leader.
Choosing your line also depends on which fishing technique you’re using. You can increase the chances of catching more fish if you choose a suitable line. For your specific strategy in getting pike, you should think of some factors.
  • For trolling or live bait technique, the perfect option is to use a monofilament line.
  • For dead bait or spinning techniques, the ideal choice is to use a braided line.

Are Braided Lines the Best Choice for Pike Fishing?

Braided lines are made up of tons of strands of fiber weaved together, making a single line. A synthetic fiber coated with Teflon is what you can see as the material in manufacturing them.
Yes, braided lines are the best choice for pike fishing. The materials of braided lines make them stiffer than any lines. It also has a higher break strain. It means they can bring or carry the heavyweight of pike fish. Since the thickness is reliable, the Pike fish won’t be able to bite through them.
Braided lines are the best pick if you’re also looking for a strong line that would last for years. Plus, when it comes to casting long distances and accuracy, braided lines do the job well.

What is the best braided fishing line for pike?

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