TackleTime Ep. 13 – Joshua French – Catfishing For Beginners

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Catfishing is thrilling and can be a blast to catch. Be mindful of the barbs, you have to be careful in holding one. Today’s guest is skilled in catfishing and he doesn’t wear gloves or grippers when handling them. He is none other than Joshua French. Today we are going to cover Catfishing for beginners.

Joshua has a Youtube channel dedicated to his catfishing adventures. He grinds and hustles to reach a thousand subscribers in a span of two years. Go check him out.

Catfishing For Beginners

Catfishing is a challenge for Joshua, that’s what drew him into the sport. He said that it’s one of the simplest forms of fishing compared to bass fishing or any other kinds of fishing. He started catfishing when he was 15 years old. Joshua’s mom didn’t want to let him go fishing. They lived in the dangerous little country town of Virginia, but eventually, he convinced his mother. He started by catching 10-pound fish. The thrill for him makes his adrenaline pump.

Joshua works during the day and fishes at night. Aside from that, his Youtube channel is proof that he’s been having fun. Although he didn’t realize how much work it would be maintaining the channel, he enjoys it. He’s made a lot of great memories, met a lot of people, and he’s going to keep at it and see where it goes.

Basics of Catfishing

Some say catfish are difficult to find, they are wrong. Catfish which are bottom feeders are there, 24/7. Joshua explained the basics of catfishing. He uses 3oz No Roller Sinkers and 50 lb Whisker Seeker line. He prefers to use a small diameter because it’s easy to work with. Joshua doesn’t use live bait and swears on Carolina rigs, which he likes for its simplicity.

He always wants to catch bigger fish. He advises sticking to local fish for bait. Joshua wants whatever’s in that body of water he’s fishing in, whether it’s bluegill or another baitfish. Anything legal that you can use is your best bait.

Routine and Set-up

When it’s almost nighttime, he sets up his gear for catfishing. First, he makes sure there are no nicks in his line where his sinkers have been sliding up and down. Then, he’ll try to catch fresh bait. As soon as Joshua gets his poles setup, he puts them where they should be for the night.  He doesn’t use lanterns because it brings in the bugs, instead, he uses glow sticks and headlights.

Joshua finds an eddy in the stream or river. If you’ve got current, it washes the food right down. A big fish usually is going to lay around those edges in the current. He likes starting off where he can position his bait where he wants them to be.


He uses a 6/0 Eagle Claw offset hook. Offset hooks allow for better hookups. It’s a heavier duty hook and Joshua is confident that a 60 or 70-pound fish wouldn’t be a problem at all.

How To Handle The Spike

We are aware that catfish have spikes and aren’t easy to hold. Joshua usually gets a smaller fish by the fins on the side. He gets his hand behind those and is careful when they start to roll. He targets flatheads so that he can grab the lower jaw with his hand. As we mentioned, Joshua doesn’t use gloves.

In this post, we covered catfishing for beginners. Are you ready to go catch some catfish?

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