TackleTime Ep. 14 – Tom Van Atta – Bank Fishing For Musky

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Did you ever feel like giving up and never fishing again? Did you ever ask yourself why you love fishing? If the answer is yes, so has today’s guest. Tom Van Atta and I are talking about bank fishing for musky.  He runs his Instagram page and documents his fishing adventures.
Musky may look big and bad but they’re not the biggest, meanest fish out there. They can be sensitive especially in times when the water gets warm. Bank fishing for musky allows you to be an expert at one spot. 

Growing Up Catching Musky

Tom started catching fish when his neighbor got him into it. He began panfishing, bass fishing, and trout fishing. After a while, he found musky, and ever since then, he hasn’t looked back. There’s something about bank fishing for musky that’s different and exciting. Those fish know right when he’s about to give up.  They’ll show up and remind him why he’s catching them. It makes it all worth it.
Tom mostly practices catch and release fishing. He is a graphic designer so he can tailor his schedule to when he wants to fish. Lucky him!

Basics Of Bank Fishing For Musky

Some of the best places to fish for musky are the places people aren’t talking about. Tom says you don’t have to go to big famous lakes. All you have to do is open google maps and research. Check out your local fish and game information for your state and see what you can find. Many states have great resources, seriously, don’t skip this step.
After finding spots, always have a plan.
  • When do you hook the fish?
  • Where am I going to go with that fish?
  • How am I going to get a hold of that fish?
  • What gear do I need?
These are some basic questions that are important and often overlooked.

Gear To Bring During Bank Fishing For Musky

Tom suggests packing light. You don’t have to take the whole shed with you to go bank fishing. He suggests bringing a foldable net. Moreover, having roll-up storage to keep the tools so that they won’t scatter everywhere.
Tom also carries a single Plano box filled with lures. Also, long pliers, cutters, and tripod to complete the set-up. Have all these and you’re good to go.

Be Ready To Get Wet

Whenever you catch a fish, it is more comfortable if you’re in the water with it. The fish’s best interest is important. If you drag your fish on the land, the clock’s ticking. 
If you take the hooks out in the water, you can take your time. Keep this in mind, we are all stewards and need to preserve our environment.
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