We get it - catching fish is complicated if you overthink it. You have to know the basics, figure out what gear to bring and use, decide the right spot to fish, and on and on.... It's hard to find a reliable source for everything that you need to learn. That's why we created this page for you— our guides page. This page is your guide for gear! Whether you're a newbie angler or a professional. We've compiled the best information to help you get started! Enjoy!

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Best Fish Finders Under $1000

If you think of buying a fish finder there are so many choices to choose from. Each has different functions, specifications, bells & whistles. Of course, you want to buy a fish finder that will last for years, a proven brand, and high quality.

Best Spinning Combo Under $100

If you’re a newbie angler, your first dilemma in wanting to start catching fish is your fishing gear. To get started, you need a spinning combo.

Best Baitcasting Combo Under $100

Do you want a baitcasting combo that does its job well at the same time inexpensive? Well, fret not. We helped you compile the best baitcasting combo under $100.

Best Fish finders Under $500

We created the best fish finders under $500 to help you find the best and affordable fishfinders. These products are reviewed by anglers from all over the world.

The Best Fishing Life Vests of 2021 (Buyers Guide!)

Life vests are necessary to staying safe. You probably heard this over and over again. But, it’s still important to put this into your mind. However, you might get overwhelmed by the tons of life vests available in the market.

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