Do you think about how much braided line to put on your spinning reel?

Most manufacturers suggest spooling your reel with a line that has 200 yards. But, it will confuse you since most braided lines are available in 150-, 300-, 600-, and 1,500-yard spools. Yet, you don’t need to worry because this is a quick fix.

Keeping the braid below your reel’s lip

Most fishermen would rather have a fill level of 1/16 of an inch from the reel’s lip. Although sometimes anglers add a little more each time. If you’re wondering if you overdid your braid, notice if the braid extends above the lip of the reel.

Indicators on Spinning Reels

Another option that you may consider having for your spinning reel is indicators. Indicators notify you when the line you have is the right amount.
Before putting the right amount of braid to your spinning reel, you have to take note of some factors.
It’s crucial to remember that it’s not a great idea to tie a braided line around a bare spool. It’s a different process compared to using a mono lie. Since mono has more friction than braid, it differs a lot.

Full Braided Line On Spinning Reel

What do you think is the result if you load your spinning reel with a braid? Well, you will encounter failure to reel in. If the line is under a great deal of tension, then it won’t function anymore. The braided line will spin and slip at a very critical time. It’s a waste of energy and time. It’s essential to provide friction so that you can avoid this. Braided lines don’t have any friction, but a monofilament line has.
All you need is to spool the spinning reel with mono. It’s capable of gripping into itself. This method is also known as mono backing.

Mono Backing

There are many perks of doing mono backing, such as:
  • It helps save money since braided lines cost two times than monofilament lines.
  • It prevents you from losing balance when it’s time to reel in your aggressive or massive catch.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should you wet the braid before spooling?

Make sure your line is wet before casting with a braid to stop wind knots,

Do you put mono on before braid?

Most anglers recommend using mono before the braided line. It’s called “Mono Backing”.

Can fish see braided line?

Yes, fish can see the braided line. Although there are many benefits of using braided lines, being undetected by fish is not one.

How do I check if my spinning reel is full?

There are casting reels about an eighth of an inch from the tip and to the top. If you have so much line when you cast, you’ll get a not pleasant sound. Spinning reels should be complete even right to their tip. 

Bottom Line

There are many advantages of braided lines. Don’t forget to fill your spool with mon before adding a braid. A significant advantage of a braided line is that it has little to no stretch. It’s a perfect line for deep water fishing. But it can become a handful in certain situations.