The TackleTime Podcast revolves around interviewing anglers and learning about them. Their background, any projects they are working on, tournaments they participate in, how they have grown as a fisherman, etc.

Additionally, I am asking each guest to have a particular piece of gear in mind they can discuss. They can tell us about that item and why they like it, how they use it, etc. I want the audience to learn how the guest uses it and teach us about its application and technique. 

That could be a particular piece of tackle, a fish finder, a fishing kayak even. Any item that assists or helps a fisherman.


As a developing fisherman, I’m very honest about my lack of knowledge in this space.

Though I love it, I’m still a novice. Growing up I didn’t have anyone to teach me how to fish, and I’m trying to figure it all out now. As you know, diving into a sport like this is like drinking from a fire hose. Without someone more experienced to guide you, it all becomes noise. I know other folks in my shoes feel the exact same way, and they struggle with it. Sadly, It keeps them from enjoying the sport at all. I want to change that.

This is a project where the guest is a much needed mentor for those who want to learn to fish and need some guidance(myself included).

No expert title needed, if you’ve caught fish, you’re qualified to teach us. 


Will you come teach us how to be better anglers?


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