LIVETARGET Hollow Body Crawfish – 1-1/2in – Grey/Brown


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The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Crawfish is a type of jig you have certainly never seen before. Traditionally, hollow body lures have always been fished as topwater baits because of their buoyancy, but the Hollow Body Crawfish is a different story. Fitted on its own custom jig head, the buoyancy of the hollow carapace and claws is what allows this bait to come to life. The placement of the hollow carapace makes for a more snag resistant design, as the hook point becomes more exposed once the hollow body is compressed by the fish’s mouth. The floating claws make the arms stand up in a defensive posture while an undulating action is triggered with even the slightest twitch of the rod tip. Not only does the hollow body offer realistic action and a snag resistant design, but it also serves as a cavity that conveniently holds scented attractant pastes to bring an added dimension to an already effective profile. Use the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Crawfish in any scenario where you would deploy a football jig or heavy cover jig and see why it was named best in its category at ICAST 2018!