Mepps Aglia Spinner, Black


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Known as the World’s #1 Lure for catching species such as Trout and Panfish, Mepp’s® Aglia Spinner has been a favorite of anglers for years. The French blade was engineered to constantly generate vibrations and flash for a deadly 1-2 punch that will trigger explosive strikes. Its versatility allows you to use it in freshwater or saltwater to hook just about any fish. For a reliable and durable lure, choose the Aglia Spinner from Mepps. FEATURES: The original French spinner Precisely engineered to start spinning Quality constructed with a heavy-duty stainless steel shaft Concave oval French spinner blade made from silver plate, polished brass, or copper Spinner body and hook Blade generates a constant flash and water vibration that will attract fish Use in freshwater or saltwater to catch a variety of species