Nomad Design Maverick – 140mm – Black Pink Mullet


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Take one look at the Nomad Design Maverick and you’ll know that you’re looking at something very unique. The Maverick was born from the desire to create a lure that had a subtle splash with a massive body roll and wiggle at very slow speeds. The first thing you’ll notice is the oddly shaped curve in its head. This cup on the lure’s head along with air chambers going through the underside of the body will trap air as the lure dives into the water from a floating position, creating a bubble trail on the dive like no other lure on the market. This lure can be described as a hybrid between a popper and a walking bait, and can be fished as if it were either. A simple change in retrieval speed and style makes for a substantially different action in the water. The Maverick produces its best action when being fished with a long sweeping motion of the rod tip. By beginning the sweep with a quick jerk of the rod, the lure will dive subsurface and the air chambers will work their bubbling magic. The Maverick can also be fished in a more traditional “walk the dog” fashion or as a popper for a maximum display of bubbling action. The 230mm rough water sinking model can even be trolled. Fitted with super strong split rings and BKK treble or single hooks, the 68, 115 and 140 sizes can be fished out of the box with confidence, while the 230 sizes come unrigged allowing anglers to choose what hooks best suit their application. If you’re looking for a versatile lure with an action that the fish have certainly never seen before, look no further, the Maverick is a must try!