Sebile Sbile Soft Magic Swimmer - AMERICAN SHAD
Sebile Sbile Soft Magic Swimmer – AMERICAN SHAD

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The Sebile Lipless Seeker is a noisy lipless bait used as a search bait. The Sebile Lipless Seeker offers in two sizes and diving depths. Designed with the highest weight ratio of any Action First bait. Furthermore, the Sebile Lipless Seeker casts far, sinks fast, has an aggressive action. Finally, it is the ideal bait for burning over weed flats.

Here’s a video of Sebile Lures Lipless Seeker



Moreover, among fish, the rule of survival is often a matter of either ”eat or be eaten”. Sebile Lures mimic the natural traits of baitfish through extreme technical designs. Each Sebile Lure performs distinct movements and actions imitating various natural movements of the prey. Intense vibration, fluid movements, and subtle turbulences provide the triggers drawing strikes from the wariest of predators.

Patrick Sebile, the Companies namesake, has fished in many countries around the world and compiled multiple IGFA world records. Now he is a meticulous student of the feeding habits, movements, and mechanics of both predators and prey with renowned scientists around the world. Patrick Sebile’s worldwide fishing experience and uncanny ability to translate natural movements to practical designs. Finally, it has produced a series of fishing lures that bring your fishing experience to a whole new level!

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Here’s another video of Sebile Lures Lipless Seeker


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