TackleBuys & TackleTime Mission

TackleBuys & TackleTime Mission

TackleBuys & TackleTime Mission

I am an angler in training. I never seem to catch anything besides weeds, brush, and trees, but that’s how it is when you start. I’m on this course to try and figure out how to catch fish how to enjoy the sport and make some friends along the way. 
I’m a big believer that baits and lures catch more fisherman than they do fish, but it’s pretty hard to catch a fish with just a stick unless you plan to Spear it! So you’ve got to have some amount of tackle and gear to actually catch fish. All this gear doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use  it – which is where you find me. 

I didn’t have a guide.

When I was younger I either didn’t express an interest in fishing or didn’t have someone to actually teach me. Trying to learn now with so much information is difficult. 
So many lures, so many colors and options and all that is like drinking from a fire hose. So, I can only imagine someone who’s even less experienced in fishing trying to figure it out. Without a mentor to guide you, all the information just becomes noise. 
And that’s why I’m on this journey.

This is important to me.

I want to learn how to fish, how to fish well, and how to enjoy the sport (most importantly). This podcast is all about a journey. Its about learning and figuring out how to catch different types of fish and how to use gear how to put it together.
TackleTime & TackleBuys started out as “I want to help people save on their tackle because I wanted to save money on tackle.” Gear isn’t cheap and I wasn’t up for spending a ton of money on a sport I wasn’t all that great at.
But it quickly changed into “well hell, I want to help people learn how to use their tackle and save the money.”


TackleTime is about building a repository of fishing knowledge.

Many of the outdoor communities are facing the same problem – mentors are quitting their sports or passing on. All of the incredible knowledge they’ve acquired over their decades of experience is lost. No one can ever recover those priceless bits of wisdom. 
TackleTime is all about documenting these stories and knowledge and helping other anglers apply it. 
Check back here as we add guides and shows to help you catch more fish and learn from others.
To better Fishing,

TackleBuys & TackleTime

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