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Have you ever thought that new crankbait you just bought wasn’t quite perfect? Something missing.. Something about the lines.  Well I have the solution to that. Today’s guest is Lou from Lou’s Lures. Lou hand-paints a variety of lures and gear. He paints Crankbaits, spinner baits, poppers, and more.  We’re going to discuss S Crank Squarebill lures today.

Lou’s Lures

Lou joins me right from his workshop where he paints, builds his website, and displays the “hall of fame” fish that were caught on his lures. Lou’s love for painting starting with graffiti. In a simple twist of fate, Lou was fishing with his lures at a local lake, and someone wanted to know what he was catching fish on. He let them know they were his own lures, and the fisherman wanted to buy some. Right then and there, Lou’s Lures got started.

S Crank Squarebill

Lou’s love for the S crank squarebill comes from it’s usability.  It can be used in so many situations. Use it like a topwater, pull it just below the surface, or speed up the retrieve and get it to about 10ft depth.

Lou likes to start out in about 3 ft of water. He throws a long cast to get some distance with the lure. Once its out there, he will pull in the slack. As the lure moves, he wants to be able to feel any movement in the tip of his rod. He’ll give it a jerk, reel the slack in, and pause. Its the pause that has great results for Lou, 4 out of 5 bites come during it.  Here would be a typyical pattern for Lou using an S crank squarebill.

  • Jerk, jerk, pause
  • reel, reel, pause
  • jerk, pause, jerk

With each of these patterns pull your slack in right away.

Fish these early before the weeds start to overrun the shallows. Put them out in the deeper sections along the weed line as well.

Want to check out Lou’s Lures? Visit his site here.

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TackleTime Ep 10 w_ Lou's Lures - S Cranks

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