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Do you feel an attachment to your fishing gear? Do you feel like there’s a part of you on that stuff? Well, if the answer is yes, you are not alone. Today’s guest is Alan Reed. He is also a multi-role and multiskilled angler. We talked about a bunch of things including his favorite lure, flukes. He gave tips on how to use it and how to make it last longer. Alan’s Youtube channel has a unique series called Journeyman, where he talks about tournament fishing. His main goal is to be the best. Go check him out.

Humble Beginnings

Unlike most of the anglers, Alan did not grow up fishing, in fact, he only started catfishing with friends back in 2015. Since then, Alan has joined regional tackle events and national tournament scenes. He won several awards including Angler of the Year.
He was also part of the Kayak Tournament and became the admin of the tournament, Phew! That’s quite an experienced and busy angler right there.
Imagine, he hustled here and there while being part of an engineering team for 21 years. He is working while joining tournaments. The dedication and time he spent on fishing is amazing.

Humanity in Fishing

There’s a whole lot of kindness behind the fishing community. Alan’s involved in a charitable tournament held during Thanksgiving. They ran a food drive and filled the entire truck with donations that the anglers brought to give to people in the community.
The fishing community has a tight-knit and a personal connection with each other. Some of the most successful people in fishing aren’t the best anglers but they have the best personalities. It’s all about finding your way to connect to people and build your following.

All About Flukes

It’s a common and simple lure but there is a lot that you can do with it. Alan uses an offset 4/0 round bend hook to pair with his Fluke. First, you put through the nose, push through the body and tuck the point, and then you have a weedless bait.
You can fish this right across on top of weeds or you can let it sink down and pop it out. Alan doesn’t throw any weight on it. He specifically uses the Super Fluke from Zoom.
The colors that have a good shad imitation are albino, white, or pearl. When the water is not clear he uses smoked shad but when he is in an area with a bluegill he uses watermelon seed. Alan likes the split tails instead of paddle tails. Alan has developed a pattern of retrieving he likes. He encourages you to do the same.

Dying Lures

What gives Alan confidence is making his bait look different than anybody else. He put dye on his lures using q-tips or dunking. He advises us to  make any lure your own, stick with it until it becomes natural.
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