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In catching fish, it doesn’t matter what you’re throwing. If you have confidence in the bait, you will catch fish with it. We hear it over and over again in the podcast. For this episode, we have Zach Maddox and we are talking about spoons. Spoons are a no finesse lure. It is simple and weedless. Don’t forget… He reminds us to have fun and enjoy catching fish.
Zach is active on his Instagram page and posts his fishing adventures, plus some of his posts are hilarious. He is also a tournament angler. Go check him out.

Growing Up Using Spoons

As a kid, Zach learned how to catch fish by rigging shrimp under a cork. He lives in a small town in Florida near a freshwater lake. His dad was an outdoorsman and transferred that love to Zach. On the weekends, his family bonds through fishing or hunting.
Zach considered himself lucky since his family loves to catch fish. Zach grew up learning about fishing and learning about using spoons. Not only that, but he also learned about respect for the environment and conservation.

Saltwater Fishing

Zach is passionate about saltwater fishing. He likes the mystery, not knowing what he’ll get. Unlike freshwater fishing where you know what species you are going to get, saltwater fishing surprises you. He usually catches flounder, pufferfish, stingray, cobia, or redfish in saltwater. Zach loves those vicious creatures.


Zach has been a big fan of throwing spoons ever since he was young. Spoons have a scaley pattern that flutters through water and reflects light. He loves the Aquadream Weedless Spoons. He usually pairs his spoons with a swivel. Swivels keep spoons from tangling and winding up the fishing lines.
Zach describes his spoons as “search bait.” He will use a spoon to seek out fish and potentially switch to another rig. Zach employs no fancy technique on spoons. Simply put – throw it out, and reel it back. Get a steady retrieve rate and let it do the work. You can pause it and let it sit or sink, then steady retrieve. He doesn’t normally finesse these lures, no walking, jerking, or anything fancy. Throw it out, and reel it back.
Scent is also important in attracting fish. Zach puts scent gel on his spoons. Colors depend on the weather and what kind of bait to use. Gold is great for bright, clear days.

Rod Selection

Zach uses a medium-light rod. He throws two different spoons depending on water depth. Most of the time, he throws ¼ oz and ⅜ oz for deeper water. 
You can apply the perfect technique, but if you throw it out there on the wrong rod, it can go sideways. You also have to choose the right lure for the right rod.
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