TackleTime Ep.16 – Noel Garcia – Saltwater Fishing

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Fishing is therapy, but it’s not for crying. On this episode, we have Noel Garcia and we are talking about Saltwater Fishing. Noel’s been all over the world catching fish and currently runs a fishing apparel company.
Check out Noel’s clothing line. Dead Fish Hook comes with great value, promo packages, and free goodies. He personally packs and talks to everyone on social media.

Beginning Saltwater Fishing

Noel was born in Cuba, moved to Spain, and settled in Miami. He started saltwater fishing and moved to different kinds of fishing.
Noel has even been alligator hunting. It was one of his best fishing experiences. You can cook it a million different ways with all kinds of great flavors. He claims gators taste like chicken. Whether cooking in French style or Mexican style, give it a little flair.

Clothing Line

Noel has an entire clothing line dedicated to fishing apparel. It all started in his favorite town, Cedar Key Florida. It is a small little island town that holds a Pirate Festival. He started going there with his kids every year and realized that he couldn’t find a good fishing shirt for the kids.
That’s when he and his kids decided to design for clothing just for fun. Noel was a tattooist and a body piercer for 30 years. Designing is his forte. Afterward, one thing led to another. He and his kids decided to name it “Dead Fish Hook” and one month later, the shirts arrived in their home.
Noel’s clothing line did really well. It was personal and authentic. Due to COVID-19, his business closed and restarted again. That’s why he doesn’t keep a high price on the gear. He gives back to others by donating shirts to a foundation that helps and teaches kids to go fishing.

Saltwater Fishing Tips

He recommends using stronger fishing line and strong hooks. If you’re going to catch big fish, you need big gear. Noel says that pretty much every freshwater technique translates to saltwater.
If you’re unsure and want to get a good feel for saltwater, go with a reputable guide. They can help mentor and guide you.
Saltwater fishing will destroy more gear. Most freshwater gear isn’t made to stand up to salt. If you’re taking your inland gear to the coast, clean it well! Do not let it sit, you will regret it.
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