TackleTime Ep.17 – Angler Duo – Space Monkey

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Do you have a fishing partner? A fishing partner is your best friend for life. As the saying goes, “Couples who fish together, stay together.” In this episode, we have the Angler Duo – Rhia and Justin. They have an Instagram page where they post their fishing adventures, product reviews, and a variety of stuff. We are talking about the Space Monkey lure.

Beginning Catching Fish

Justin started catching fish when his family went to visit their grandparents. He caught fish at a local pond with the old reliable bobbers and worms. He lived right across a body of water so fishing was easy and frequent. While Rhia grew up with her grandfather teaching her how to catch fish.

Angler Duo

Justin and Rhia started exchanging messages. They asked each other about the type of species they catch. It was “fish at first sight” when they first met. Their love story started with their love for fishing and everything clicked. They share the same passion and also share it with everybody else who has the same passion.
Rhia and Justin catch all different shapes, sizes, and species of trout. Whether it’s brook trout, brown trout, or rainbow trout. Rhia loves to marvel at the colors and patterns of trout.

Space Monkey

The Space Monkey is a rage tail lure made by Strike King. It has a frog-like look to it and an incredible action that mimics different prey. The Space Monkey can be Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, or even used as a jig trailer.
The Space Monkey is a versatile lure, you can use it in different ways. If they use it as a weedless setup, they pair it with 4/0 Gamakatsu Hook.
Another of Justin’s favorite is combining the Space Monley with a Shaky Head hook. This combination makes the lure that much more vibrant and moves well through the water.


Maybe you want to jig the Space Monkey. Snip off the tip of the head, thread it on a jig. Go weedless or not. If you want to drag the bottom, this would be a great combination.

Rod selection will differ depending on your choice of the above combinations.
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