TackleTime Ep.20 – Jay Ball – Abu Garcia Black Max Combo

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Do you remember the first fishing gear you ever purchased? If you don’t have fishing gear yet, do you know what to buy? Admit it, we’ve all been in a tackle shop and get overwhelmed by tons and tons of gear. Well, today’s guest is Jay Ball and we are talking about Abu Garcia Black Max Combo. He’s been using it for 5 years now, Jay reminds us to pick and stick to fishing gear that lasts for years.

Jay Ball has an Instagram page where he shares his maple syrup and fishing hobby. Go check him out. 

Maple Syrup Maker

Jay has been catching fish for almost his whole life. He grew up in Michigan, where he established his fishing skills. After that, he moved to Virginia and experienced saltwater fishing.
Aside from his love of fishing, he is also a maple syrup maker. February to April is maple syrup season. During these months, he documents the way he makes maple syrup.
He buys equipment, taps the trees, boils, and bottles it. When Jay is not making maple syrup, he dives deep into bass fishing. You won’t find that variety anywhere else!

Abu Garcia Black Max Combo

Jay has come a long way in the fishing industry. He’s won tournaments and became sponsored as a walleye fisherman. On weekdays he catches bass, and on weekends he catches walleye.
Jay has 18 different baitcasters. Even now, he still uses his all-time favorite combo, the Abu Garcia Black Max Combo. He purchased it about 5 years ago for less than $100. The price still falls under $100. Jay loves the black and red color of the combo.
Aside from the color, he recommends using the Abu Garcia Black Max combo because of the following:
1. Budget-friendly
2. Medium-heavy decent fast action tip
3. Versatililty
4. Durability
Jay uses a 12-pound line with his Abu Garcia Black Max Combo. Jay also uses 6th Sense swim jigs and Z-man baits.

Slowing Down

Jay emphasizes slowing down. Before, he used to just cast, reel, and repeat. But, he finally changed his ways. He learned through watching videos on Youtube, following people on Instagram, and reading articles.
Slowing down is an important skill to have. I say skill because it takes effort and discipline, it isn’t easy. Jay also advises going back to basics and keeping everything as simple as possible.

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