TackleTime Ep.21 – Brandon Heimericks – Canoe Fishing

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Many of us want to get out in the wilderness but few have the opportunity to actually do it. In today’s episode, we have Brandon Heimericks. We talked about his experience with Canoe Fishing. He reminds us to do what our heart desires and to do it as soon as we can.

Introducing Canoe Fishing

Brandon is a Major in the United States Army and a Blackhawk pilot. He grew up catching fish like most everyone else. Then, his wrestling coach invited him over to fish in a canoe along with a group of college students, that’s when it all began.
At first, his learning curve was steep and was miserable. But in all that misery, one day he caught much fish, got hooked up, and wanted to go back and catch fish again.

Into the Wilderness

What inspired Brandon to go all the way up into the wilderness instead of staying home and catching fish near him? In his words;
1. He is competitive and is always up for a challenge.
2. You can catch the biggest fish you’ve ever seen and have absolutely no clue how you did it.
3. It is easier than fishing at home. Brandon mentioned his typical fishing trips are easy fishing. The lack of pressure and other anglers at the lakes he travels to are almost non-existent.

Canoe Fishing for Beginners

If ever crossed your mind to try Canoe fishing for one day, you have to have the right type of watercraft. You also have to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Do you have a fire source, tent, and campsite? The most basic gear is often overlooked but is most significant.
There’s unimaginable beauty behind canoe fishing. The unencumbered wildlife, animals, stillness, and stars in the sky are unforgettable. It makes all the preparation and the journey worth it.
Did you bring all your gear? Unfortunately, you cant bring every piece of gear you own on a trip like this. Every pound adds up and gear is heavy. Brandon normally brings a few tackle boxes and a small assortment of tools. His buddies like to tease him that he prefers to use a regular 5-gallon bucket to haul his gear and tools in.

Brandon’s Instagram page compiles his fishing experience. Go and check him out.

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