TackleTime Ep.22 – Alec Krakofsky – Ice Fishing

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Ice fishing is a different experience and pleasure in open water. It’s not for the cold of feet or faint of heart. Today’s guest is Alec Krakofsky and he got hooked on ice fishing.

Embarking Into Ice Fishing

Alec was born and raised in Wisconsin where ice fishing is a common thing to do. He has been fishing with his grandfather and father since he was a child. He brings with him his portable Shanny.
Ice fishing can be as simple and as complex as you want it to be. If you’re planning to go ice fishing, you need something to drill a hole with into the ice. You also need a rod and a bucket. You can pull out fish if you’re in the right spot at the right time.

Tip-up Fishing

Aside from jigging, another method he uses is tip-up fishing. Tip-up fishing is a method of fishing that allows anglers to set-up bait lines below the ice. There’s a mechanic action of each that flips up a flag, which means a fish has taken the bait.
A tip-up is a simple device. It’s essentially a board with a reel attached that’s set below the ice and can unreel if the bait is taken. Alec runs a split shot on the fishing line, using a treble hook, and shiner attached. Then, he keeps an eye on the flags. When there’s a movement, he rushes to the hole. Lastly, the hook is set-up when pulling in the fish.

Gear to Bring During Ice Fishing

Alec brings different gear depending on how much ice there is. Usually, he brings a Spud Bar, ice picks, and float suit. It is helpful to have a map when ice fishing, too. Fishfinders help you if you’re on fish or to see how deep you are.
You have to take the weather conditions into account. It’s best to wear winter clothes, wool socks, and to have cleats on boots. As much as possible, stay dry. Don’t forget to charge your fishing gear. Alec’s favorite fishing gear is the Helix 7 fishfinder. He uses it everywhere. Alec loves it because he can use it on the ice, and also on his boat or Kayak.
When going out there, you have to think of safety first. Whack the ice a couple of times using a spud bar. Remember that dark clear ice is better than thin and clear ice. Make sure to check if the ice you’re standing on is thick enough.
If you want to know more about ice fishing adventures, check out his Instagram page.
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