TackleTime Ep.23 – Ty Adams Jr – Drop Shot for Bass Fishing

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One way or another, through experience, you acquire a certain technique in fishing. The technique you learned over time is the one you master and become an expert with. Today’s guest shares the most versatile finesse technique, drop shot for bass fishing. He is none other than Ty Adams Jr.

Ty is a full-time musician and a bass fisherman. In this interview, he unravels the mystery of drop shot for bass fishing.

Got Hooked Catching Bass

Ty grew up in Virginia near a lake but he wasn’t catching fish in his early years. In fact, he started catching fish at the age of 34. At first, he caught trout and catfish. After catching bass, he didn’t want to catch any other species of fish ever again.

Ty is hooked on catching bass. He catches them anywhere, anytime, with anything. Ty picks a baitcaster, goes to the bank, makes a couple of casts, catches a good fish, takes pictures, and puts them back. He literally tries to squeeze a 15 minutes fishing session in anywhere he can.

Drop Shot for Bass Fishing

The drop shot is a popular concept in fishing across the world. There are different ways to do it. Ty uses drop shot when he wants a guarantee to catch bass. Anglers look at drop shot as a finesse technique to pull out when the day is tough. The drop shot is a setup composed of a line with a hook, a leader, and a weight at the end of the leader.

When throwing the cast, he uses a 6lb to 10lb light line. Most people throw fluorocarbon. At first, Ty started using an open hook, and not until last year, he started using a Texas rig. He caught more fish with this setup than any other bait in his life.

One of the basic techniques of the drop shot is to tweak the bait as necessary. Meanwhile, for the rest of it, stick with what other anglers are saying that works. Ty’s go-to baits are Zoom Finesse or a Strike King Z-Too.

Palomar Knot

He also mentions using the Palomar knot to tie the hook. He takes the same end of the Palomar knot and goes back through the hook. That’s how he puts the weight on. The Palomar knot is a versatile and useful knot.

You have to know how to throw the drop shot if you want to be good at these. You have to know the basics. Check out this episode to get all the details.

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