TackleTime Ep 6 – Tim Moore Outdoors – Fishing the Nervous Minnow

TackleTime Ep 6 – Tim Moore Outdoors – Fishing the Nervous Minnow


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Have you ever wanted to go to school and learn to fish from a kayak? Today’s guest can help with that! Today we have Tim Moore on the show. Tim is a professional guide and teacher. We’ll talk about Kayak University and fishing the nervous minnow.

Tim is based in New Hampshire running his guide service, Tim Moore Outdoors.

Tim offers guided kayak fishing, ice fishing, and boat fishing trips. Since I connected with Tim, I’ve seen his Facebook feed filled with buzz about his kayak fishing school, Kayak University. Kayak University is a place for kayak anglers to gather, learn from the teachers and each other and have a great time. As we discussed in the interview, Tim talked about the importance of community in the fishing world, and he saw it first hand at his recent event.

Each year the roster and subject matter changes, but each guest can expect to learn techniques for fishing landlocked salmon, lake trout, white bass, and perch.


Fishing the Nervous Minnow

Tim Brought on one of his favorite lures – The Nervous Minnow. This made by Daddy Mac Lures. This piece is a jointed jigging spoon. Great for fishing for lake trout, stripped bass, and others.

Available in a 1.4 oz and 2.8 oz size, these lures are meant to get deep fast.

Fishing the Nervous Minnow is a little different that you may think. A typical fashion would be to rip the rod up and let you lure free fall. If you let this lure free fall on the jig, you have a tendency to get the hooks hung up on your line.  This comes from the joint. To eliminate this, give a strong yank up, and slowly match the drop speed without getting slack in your line. No slack means no tangles or hang ups.

Tim has found luck getting this lure at the bottom, jig it, and then reel it back and try to get your fish to chase it.

This lure pairs well with a Medium-fast action rod around the 7ft length.



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