TackleTime Ep 8 – Kyle Schroeder – Using Swim Jigs and Wacky Rigs


In this episode we have another avid bass fisherman. Kyle Schroeder is a fellow kayak angler. We talk about pedal drive kayaks, gear selection, and Swim Jigs and Wacky Rigs

Kyle loves his Hobie Pro Angler 12. We talked about the new pedal drive releases from Hobie. If you haven’t seen them Hobie now has the 360 Drive and Kick up Fins. Check it out here.

If you’re interested in upgrading to a pedal drive kayak, there are tons of options. Brands like Pelican, Old Town, Jackson, Feel Free, Native, Vibe, the list goes on. A pedal drive makes the experience so much more enjoyable. To be able to move and fish at the same time is a huge bonus.

Alright, lets move onto Swim Jigs and Wacky Rigs.

Tackle; Swim Jigs and Wacky Rigs

Swim Jigs

Kyle’s choice setup is a  1/4oz swim jig with a white rage menace, green pumpkin, or pink. He typically uses point casting – choosing a spot on a weed line or open edge and casts to it. Once he gets into position he wants he will pop the rod tip up. The swim jig will flutter and the skirt will fan out, this gives a great presentation to the fish and he will work it back to the boat. Once he finds a great spot, he will switch to a wacky rig and focus on the edges and recesses in weed mats and cover.

You can also you a variety of worms on the swim jig. It may be worth trying in your area to test your results.

Wacky Rig

A wacky rig is similar to a Texas rig. The big difference is how its rigged. The Texas rig is setup by running the hook through the head, and back through the body, however the Wacky rig is setup by hooking a worm nearly in the middle through the body.

Kyle likes to the throw into same places as swig jig. For both these setups Kyle likes a medium or medium heavy rod.


Make sure to check out Kyle Here on Youtube


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