TackleTime Ep2 – Gone Fishing 804 – All about the Whopper Plopper

Today on the show, Allen Greene Joins us. Allen is a Youtuber with the channel Gone Fishing 804. Allen made a great choice for his piece of tackle – so we’re going to talk all about the Whopper Plopper.


Starting out

Allen started with not a ton of money or gear. He was introduced to fishing young, and was “hooked.” As he got older he continued to fish from the bank and fell in love with Bass fishing. Somehow, he got his hands on his first kayak. In some of his older videos, you can see him use it, modify it, and really enjoy being out on the water.

There really is something special about fishing from a kayak. I can’t quite describe it.

Allen was lucky enough to upgrade to a pedal drive kayak. At the point we recorded the episode he hadn’t had it on the water yet. Keep an eye out for a review on that.

All about the Whopper Plopper

Take just a couple minutes and you will hear that he LOVES this lure. The Whopper Plopper is a topwater lure. So, here is What that means-  when you cast it out, the lure stays on the top of the water and doesn’t sink.
What makes this lure interesting is the rotating tail. It has a single offset blade that creates disturbance in the water.

As you reel your lure in you create the signature “plop plop plop” as it moves through the water. This is what gets it noticed by fish. A slow retrieve will get a consistent “plop” as it comes back to you. Allen said that a strong jerk will get a fountain spray of water in all directions. Talk about being noticed…

Treble hooks make for an easy catch if you get a fish on. So, don’t go crazy trying to set the hook since having trebles doesn’t justify it. These lures come in a few sizes and tons of colors. Find one that matches the bait fish bass eat near you.

Casting Parallel

Getting a bite on this lure doesn’t require much skill. In other words, get it on the water and you’ll get a bite – as long as fish are there. Allen’s favorite way to use this lure is casting parallel to the bank and any kind of structure. Cast the lure past your target, and retrieve the whopper plopper by bringing the lure back alongside where you think the fish are.  Allen says if you don’t get a bite easily, its probably too hot for a topwater to be attractive, or you don’t have much activity in the area you are casting into.


Our guest’s last words – get it on the water! Get out and play with it, use it, and learn with it.


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