TackleTime Ep3 – Jason Burgess  – Frogs and Crankbaits

TackleTime Ep3 – Jason Burgess – Frogs and Crankbaits





This weeks show was definitely interesting. I talked with Jason Burgess and he gave us all kinds of great information.  We talked about everything from rods and reels, to his favorite lures – Frogs and Crankbaits.

Tournament Fishing

Jason is an avid bass fisherman. He has aspirations to compete in tournaments all over the country. We got to hear how Jason was preparing for a tournament not far from him on the day after the recording.

Jason is also a kayak fisherman. This isn’t his first tournament, but he is taking it more serious. Jason walked us through how to get started if you were wanting to get into kayak tournaments.

Kayak Bass Fishing is a group that hosts tournaments all over the country. You can join any of theirs and get a feel for how it works. Many of the tournaments work that you have an extended time of your choosing to get out there and fish on your terms. Some timelines are as long as 21 days, and you can fish as often as you like and use your best catches. In this type of tournament,  you would use your best 5 fish.

You will need a tournament approved measuring board. There are a couple different brands you can use, but Jason mentioned to stick with the Catch Co. brand.

After you’ve pulled in your fish, you get it on the board and measure it. These types of tournaments are not pursuing weight, but instead are going after length. You can login and upload your catch to the TourneyX App.

It is important to check the rules for the tournament you want to participate in, If you don’t there is a good chance you will violate a rule you don’t know about.

Tips for Kayak Tournament Fishing

Jason has a couple tips for anyone starting in a tournament. Before you get your fish measured, dunk your measuring board into the water and get it wet. It cools it down and makes it slick so the fish is more calm and less likely to jump around. Also, put your net next to the measuring board in case the fish jumps around, there is a good chance you can catch it before it slips away. There is nothing worse than catching a good fish, getting it on the board, and having it jump out of the kayak before you get to take a picture of it!

Frogs and Crankbaits

Jason also told us about his two favorite lures, the topwater frog and deep diving crankbaits. He describes himself “addicted to frog fishing” and seems like his knows these lures well. A “must do” from Jason is trimming the skirt(plastic tail strings) even with the front eyelet. Check out the video to see this done. 

Jason has the best luck fishing directly into cover, cattails, matted cover, etc. He likes to walk them out in many instances, giving the rod a pop to move it along, wait a few seconds and repeat. This makes frog zig-zag across the top surface and cause commotion.  Jason likes to look for a combination of above water growth, cattails, and shade. If a mix of these 3 are all in the same area, he has good luck.


Next up, crankbaits! Deep diving crankbaits were our next piece. Jason employees 15-16ft diving crankbaits a lot. He always buys them with rattles.  When he can’t get a bite on a frog, he goes to crankbait. Pretty simple, he puts it in the water, gets it down deep and bangs it off the bottom.

Set yourself up for success and get as good of a fish finder you can get. Being able to read the graphs on your electronics is huge to knowing where to put your lure.  You need to be able to see the bottoms and brush piles and coverage. 

For those who don’t have deep lakes or ponds, use a square-billed crankbait.


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